Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sell House Fast Virginia

Loopnet deals are Easy
Loopnet is the best real estate site. No threat of being bought by a competitor and the Real estate agents aren't lobbying against them. If you saw the ad prices on Zillow you would boycott too.  Unfortunately for residential realtors Zillow is too dominant and every attempt they make will be outclassed by the innovation at Zillow. Loopnet is simple and doesn't want to be the end all for data on commercial transactions. These transactions are so complicated per transaction to aggregate them would be a fool's errand. 99 year lease's and subject to loans are standard far in commercial deals. These transactions are simply moving paper around with little threat o for the banks. The banks have been so tight on residential deals because the foreclosure rate is so high. The tenants of commercial deals are on the hook for suits and up keep. Commercial landlords have only one thing to worry about - location. the deals on the residential side have gotten so onerous that the rel estate agent is ghe 35(!!!!) page contract will soon require a law degree - literally. The day of  the real estate agent is going away and the residential real estate lawyer who owns a brokerage will soon be the future. This is what most corporate and commercial deals look like.
Sell Home Fast Virginia
My deals only involve lawyers and rock solid contracts. I can do commercial or residential deals with the same contract because we are paying cash. We buy your home in Virginia and Washington DC fast and in any condition. Call us at (703) 729 2185 to hear more.

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